Jason Cloth and Paul Tennyson founded a high net worth and profitable alternative investment company more than 15 years ago. The focus was to seek out and create high yielding, non market correlated asset classes for their client base. To this end, Creative Wealth Media (CWM) was born. CWM plays a major role in the financing of major motion pictures and highly sought after television series. This niche space has successfully generated consistently high returns even through some of the major economic downturns. CWM has come from humble beginnings in the Indy film world to now financing Academy Award winning endeavors. CWM plays a major role in financing some of the best films with bespoke scripts, directors and cast. The company is recognized as one of Canada’s leading alternative lending vehicles for the film industry. With over $300 million in financings in the last 4 years alone, CWM is poised to continue its steady and profitable growth.